About Biggleswade Weather

My weather station

This weather station is on the 'Lakes' estate in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire (the Brussels sprout capital of England), near to the A1 and the railway line. The weather station I'm using is the Fine Offset WH1080, which measures wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, and outside temperature. These instruments are mounted on a mast on a fence post in a flowerbed, and transmit the readings back to a base unit inside the house, which adds inside temperature to the readings.

The base unit is connected by USB to an old Windows 10 PC which is running the excellent free 'Cumulus' software from Sandaysoft. This stores the data and can show historic values and graphs. It also generates web pages from the data, and uploads them to this website.

Weather station modifications

The temperature sensor supplied is not well shielded, so I have made an improved sun shield for it as described in the Cumulus Support forum. I have also moved the wind sensors some 5m off the ground to improve the accuracy of those measurements.

Web page modifications

I have taken the web pages supplied with the Cumulus software, customised them slightly and added this 'About' page. I've also replaced the navigation menu with the one at the top of the page, which makes the pages look more like my photograph pages. The top navigation menu is based on that supplied with the 'Base' skin in jAlbum (the software I use to generate my photo pages).

Mobile version

I've also created a simple web page just showing the 'now' information which fits better on a mobile phone screen.

Contact me

If you have any questions or comments about this website or the weather station please .

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